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Here at Imperial Karate Jutsu we pride ourselves on having some of the very best instructors in Bristol who each have over 30 years Karate training. Also all Imperial Karate Instructors can directly trace their heritage back to theMasters who pioneered Karate in Japan. At the bottom of this page you will see this linage detailed. click here

Simon O'Brien Simon O'Brien Imperial
Sensei Simon O'Brien started training in 1979 in Cardiff, he represented Wales in their National Team for 7 years before relocating to Bristol.

Some achievements to date are Black Belt Kumite Champion, Black Belt Kata Champion, Welsh lightweight Champion, English National Championships Team Gold Medallist, British National Championships Team Gold Medallist, Budo Nord World Open Kata Gold Medallist. Simon has lived and trained in Japan and currently also trains in Combat Jujitsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Pete Jefferies

Pete Jeffries ImperialSensei Peter Jefferies started training in 1985 in Bristol and was a member of the Association National Team for5 years.

Some achievements are English Championships Individual Silver medallist, English Championships Team Silver medallist, Association National Kumite Champion andAssociation Kata Medallist.

Peter has also studied boxing and has graded in the martial art of Judo and ads these skills to his realistic teaching of Karate Jutsu.

Adrian Williams
Sensei Adrian Williams started training in 1978 in Bristol and was a member of the Association National Team.
Some achievements are English and British Championships Team Gold medallist. Adrian isAdrian Williams our Child Protection Officer and is also a qualified English national level referee.

Adrian is a serving Police Officer and also teaches Self-Defnce at Bristol Dojo. He is also a Black Belt in Judo and integrates this into his instruction.

Dave Cockram

Sensei Dave Cockram started training in Bristol in 1980. After a long break he returned to Karate when Imperial Karate opened in 1995.

Dave was a purple belt and demonstrated that you are not "passed it" in your 30's as he worked hard over the next few years and achieved his Black Belt 1st Dan.

Not content with this he continued to train hard and graded to 2nd Dan in 2002 , his 3rd Dan in 2005 and 4th Dan in 2010.

Our team of instructors are also complemented by club instructors Sensei Katie Lane 2nd Dan, Sensei Jason Beddingfield 2nd Dan and Sensei Kerri Perry 1st Dan.


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